Bacterial Infection Treatment


  • Redness, Pustule, vesicles, inflammatory lesions
  • Pain with lesion
  • Associated fever
  • Associated with other infections/viral rash

Effects / Causes

  • Contamination of bites, rashes or other breaks in the skin.
  • Having chronic disease is also a cause of bacterial infection.
  • People with diabetes are more at risk of having an infection.
  • People with HIV or AIDS that contain weak immune system are more prone to bacterial infection
  • Skin that is damaged or inflamed by scratching or trauma is more likely to be infected
  • Contact with contaminated surfaces and water

The treatment of bacterial infection Oral medication and antibiotics,which can be given via mouth ,Injection, topical creams .Generally, type and severity decide the way an antibiotic is given.

A person can become infected by drinking water or eating food contaminated by the bacterium. Common sources of foodborne infection include raw or poorly cooked seafood, raw fruit and vegetables, and other foods contaminated during preparation or storage.

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