ECZEMA Treatment


  • Dry skin patches on hands, neck, legs
  • Itching with dry skin
  • Face Scaly crusts causing severe pain

Effects / Causes

  • Dryness of skin
  • Genetic causes /family history
  • Topical irritants applications
  • Allergens
  • Environmental factors
  • Excessive itching

Eczema can be cured by treating underlying dryness.Apply topical moisturisers prescribed by our expert dermatologist.Also use glycerine soap.Mild steroids topical can be added on severity. Avoid itching at affected area.Antihistamine drugs are required if itching.Avoid Dettol or contact irritants .Do not self treat eczema .Do not stress.

It is not advisable to try self medications for dermatological conditions.Do not stress and come for regular follow up consultation.

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