Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots) Treatment


  • Dark Spots over face ( cheeks, nose and lower chin )- melasma
  • Post pregnancy dark spots-chloasma
  • Tanning of skin
  • Sunburn
  • Prolonged use of Cosmetics or skin whitening creams containing hydroquinone

Effects / Causes

  • Hyperpigmentation often starts to take hold during middle age when the skin starts to show the consequences of sun exposure, especially if sunscreen and other sun-protective measures were not used.
  • Pregnancy /Hormonal disturbances
  • Nurtritional deficiencies
  • Liver disease ,systemic illness

Dark spots on any body part can be treated by intense pulse light laser, q switch nd yag laser, chemical peels every 20 days till spots fade and skin clears & starts glowing apply topical night creams, moisturisers for maintenance which are prescribed by us.

We prescribe steroid free creams and Customised Sunscreen as per your skin, we ensure safety for treatment LASERS FDA APRROVED MACHINES which deliver visible results in every session making your skin clear & glowing.

We are using highly innovate laser machines. With our expertise we recommend customised treatment plan depends on severity of spots and duration, definitely more number of sessions will result in complete cure of spots and make your skin glowing with fair complexion!

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