Laser For Acne [Pimples] Treatment


  • Targetted treatment to sebaceous glands
  • Reduction in active acne & acne hyperpigmentation marks
  • US FDA approved laser
  • Safe & Effective

Mechanism of action of laser in acne

Lasers, mode of action is heating of targetted structures like sebaceous glands and chromophores, causing their destruction and resorption

LASER Therapy is the latest & scientific targeted sebaceous gland treatment .We can use Laser in combination with active acne peels like salicyclic acid, acne pop out peels. Laser treatment repeated at 20 days to 30 days intervals in combination of 6-10 sessions depending on severity Beautiful Clear glowing skin is end result after following complete laser protocol.

We Recommend Our Latest FDA Approved Laser IPL & LED LIGHT treatments ,Chemical peels & oral medicines along with facewash and topical creams for long term maintainence & Results.

Acne can be treated by laser combined with chemical peeling.light therapy like IPL can effectively treat acne.Fractional Co2 laser reduces pore size & scars, Long pulse Q switch can also effectively target active acne.Chemical peeling can decrease sebum production & reduce pigmentation. Combination of all treatments works best in acne for complete clearance

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