Laser For Skin Redness & Spider Veins Treatment


No redness in Acne rosacea, Steroid induced telengectesia(long term steroid abuse)

Skin photosensitivity is repaired

Clear skin over a period of time


Effects / Causes

Broken blood vessels on the face can develop in anyone at any age, but some people may have a higher chance of developing than other

Cause : Genetic, Sun exposure, hormonal changes(melasma) ,Changes in weather, Changes in pressure, topical Steroid cream application, Alcohol consumption and Injuries.

IPL LASER is treatment of choice for skin redness &spider vein. Follow sunscreen and oral medicines prescribed by our dermatologist

Laser strikes RBC & heats them up .Heated RBCs Damaged blood vessels & collapses them,thus broken capillearies disappear.

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