Laser For Skin Rejuvenation Treatment


  • Glowing & Fair skin instant & long term results
  • Steroid free results
  • Instant & long term sustained results even after single session
  • Safe & effective


Fractional co2 laser delivers promising results in damaged skin by stimulation of new collagen and repairing existing collagen fibres effectively

IPL And Q switch both work on the principle of ‘Skin Lightening’ on Instant & long term results. Both methods use laser light for skin resurfacing and try to mitigate the skin imperfection by removing the excess of melanin left out. The process uses either continuous or pulses of visible light. The light is then released onto the skin allowing it to rejuvenate.

Depending on type of skin , our expert dermatologist Dr.Rachiswayata would suggest you different lasers which is best suited for skin rejuvenation .Skin will repair, rejuvenate & glow with multiple sessions 3-4 weeks apart.

Yes! Depending upon laser your skin will look fresh, rejuvenated either immediately or in 4-5days post laser depending on type of laser performed.

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