Laser For Skin Tightening Treatment


  • Non -invasive-no injections
  • Latest US FDA APPROVED machines
  • Effective & safe
  • Visible results with every session


Wrinkles,laxity of skin, rough skin, damaged skin are effectively treated by Fractional co2 laser .Fractional resurfacing thermally ablates microscopic columns of epidermal and dermal tissue in regularly spaced arrays over a fraction of the skin surface; dermal-epidermal debris are incorporated into the columns of microscopic epidermal necrotic debris (MENDs) and eliminated by the phenomenon of transepidermal elimination.

Subsequently, there is stimulation of re-epithelialization and repair mediated by the adjacent columns of intact tissue. Similar to ablative laser resurfacing, the areas of thermally ablated tissue are repopulated by fibroblast-derived neocollagenogenesis and epidermal stem cell reproduction.

HIFU is non -invasive machine which heats the upper dermis & cause contraction & neoformation of the collagen layer. This results in a subtle reduction of facial sagging & a vibrant appearance of the skin

Fractional Co2 is ablative laser having downtime mild redness swelling for 2-3 days, HIFU (Non surgical Face Lift) has no downtime no redness lasting longer.

Fractional co2 laser delivers promising results in damaged skin by stimulation of new collagen and repairing existing collagen fibres effectively.This results in skin firming and effectively tightening of loose skin over period of time

HIFU is latest Non Surgical High Intensity Focal Ultrasound skin tightening procedure.It delivers heat directly to deep dermis ,epidermis is intact and which in turn results in effectively skin tightening.

Age 30-65 IDEAL for firmer & youthful skin.Late 20s patients can start if they wish to prevent aging signs.

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