Mesotherapy (Stem Cells) Scalp Treatment


  • Painless
  • Safe & effective OPD Based procedure
  • Injections of hair micronutrients directly in scalp
  • Faster control over hairfall
  • promotes blood vascularity-more nutrient delivery to scalp

Effects / Causes

Mesotherapy is better than application of lotion with hand. As injection with mesogun will help in micronutrient delivery to hair bulb and improve blood vascularity .Mesogun arrest hairfall ,improves hair density, and with multiple sessions retain Hair in scalp.

Mesotherapy is helpful in treating mild to moderate hair loss in men and women, Thinning of hair, Hair fall treatments.It is very safe & effective procedure performed at our clinic.

You would require multiple 6-10 sessions depending upon hair loss for complete results and regrowth of new hair

Yes it is effective in male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, Alopecia areata, all Hairfall treatments

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