Sports Medicine

The diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illnesses associated with exercise and sports to improve Athlete performance. Sports injury prevention and treatment, exercise for health, drugs in sport and recommendations for training and nutrition treatments for professional and amateur athletes.

Address issues associated with nutrition, sports substance abuse, and counsel athletes on injury prevention and also treat them to restore function to injured patients so they can get moving again as soon as possible.

Types of Sports Medicine

Knee Arthroscopy

A knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows an orthopaedic surgeon to diagnose and treat knee disorders by providing a clear view of the inside of the knee. After making small incisions (cuts), using a pencil-sized instrument called an arthroscope, the surgeon can see an image of your knee that is transmitted through a small camera, via optic fibers, to a television monitor.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy

A shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical keyhole procedure used to inspect, diagnose and treat ailments of the shoulder joint. The surgeon will make tiny incisions into the skin in order to insert a thin telescope which features a miniature camera lens and light to magnify and illuminate inside the joint. Treat a number of conditions that cause damage to bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and shoulder tendons.

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