Laser For Stretch Mark & Scar Reduction Treatment


  • Safe & Effective
  • Visible improvement in appearance of stretch marks
  • Post pregnancy stretch marks or weight gain stretch marks can be easily treated


Fractional resurfacing thermally ablates microscopic columns of epidermal and dermal tissue in regularly spaced arrays over a fraction of the skin surface; dermal-epidermal debris are incorporated into the columns of microscopic epidermal necrotic debris (MENDs) and eliminated by the phenomenon of transepidermal elimination.

Subsequently, there is stimulation of re-epithelialization and repair mediated by the adjacent columns of intact tissue. Similar to ablative laser resurfacing, the areas of thermally ablated tissue are repopulated by fibroblast-derived neocollagenogenesis and epidermal stem cell reproduction.

IPL & Fractional co2 laser delivers promising results in stretch marks works by remodelling collagen fibres and repairing damaged skin effectively.Consecutive 6 to 12 sessions are required 4 weeks apart upto period of marked improvement.

We have over two dozen different lasers and we are experts in using all of them. From this wide array of different technologies, we will pick the lasers that are best suited for your specific skin and for the stretch marks we will be treating. The likely choices are: NdYag, Fractionated RF, Erbium, and possibly a Sciton glass erbium. The stretch mark removal treatments will be customized to your specific skin.

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